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The Italian programme provides students with the opportunity to acquire a high level of proficiency in the Italian language as well as comprehensive knowledge of Italian culture. The Italian programme is offered both as a major and a minor.

In order to declare a major in Italian, applicants must initially complete two introductory core language courses, i.e. ITAL1001 and ITAL1002 (12 credits in all). 

In their second, third, and fourth years of study, students pursuing a major in Italian must take a total of 54 credits of courses which should normally be distributed as follows:

Finally, students will be strongly encouraged to participate in a 3 to 4-week linguistic stay in Italy during the summer or winter either between their second and third year or third and fourth year of studies.

BA Syllabus

Learning Outcomes
Students who have completed a BA programme in Italian should be able to:

Critically discuss and analyze the main aspects of the Italian language as well as the culture, society and history of the Italianspeaking regions
Critically appraise common representations of the country
Demonstrate knowledge of the Italian society, culture, politics, and economy
Identify the major contributions and influences of Italian-speaking cultures to Western civilization
Develop a deeper cross-cultural education, and the ability to communicate effectively across cultures
Use the Italian language in daily life situations as well as in professional contexts
Develop an appreciation of all facets of human cultural heritage and respect for humanistic values


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